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The right sort of lighting for your home depends on several factors including the function of each individual room and what activities you’ll be carrying out in it; building regulations, budget, size and theme.

Whether considering lighting for inside the home or outdoor lighting, your key concern should be with the safety of the installation.  In bathrooms for example, it is illegal for lighting to be installed by anyone except a qualified electrician.

There are many types of lighting systems now available to suit not just your home, but your lifestyle.

Modern, domestic LED lighting not only saves energy, but overall cost, too.  Although slightly more expensive than traditional energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs are purported to have a much longer lifespan than the alternatives. Much smaller in size, they nevertheless give off just as much light, making them a fantastic option for discrete spotlighting.

Other forms of low energy lighting can be used in mirrors, recesses, bathrooms and even outdoors.  A great way of reducing your electricity bill, many households are now converting to some form of lighting with low energy consumption.

Popular for decades, under cupboard lighting provides a sense of style and ambiance as well as being very practical for fitted kitchen wall cupboards and display units.  Quickly and easily installed by a professional electrician, they can transform a bare looking room into a warm and cosy living space without any trailing wires.

Perfect over the island in your kitchen or the dining room table, pendant lighting can set the whole theme for a room.  Whether contemporary or traditional, ornate or minimalist, your chandelier or pendant lighting is the perfect way to shine just the right amount of light to focus on the specific area.

LED lighting - LED lights not only look great but they also are hugely cost effective. The reduce energy usage by at least 75% and they last more than 30 time longer than incandescent lighting, meaning you never have to change a light bulb again. Most suppliers now even  offer a  10 year guarantee on all new LED fittings.

There is a huge range available to customer in all different shapes and sizes. including down lighting, spot lights, slim line under cupboard, tape lighting and pelmet lights. The come in lots of different colours to suit any home.  They can even be used outdoors.  Our electricians will work with  you to provide the perfect lighting solutions for your home.

Ceiling and pendant lighting - Ceiling lighting is an essential part of any home.  It is often used as the centre point of any room and getting it right is essential, there are many styles and shapes available to help enhance your home.  The are many questions you may need to ask yourself before choosing a new ceiling or pendant light. Where should we place the fitting , Is it going to be above a dining table if so what height should the light be placed.  Will i need a dinner switch and what furniture will it need to match. Our electricians can help you with all of these questions.

Why not extend your living space outdoors?  Make the most of your garden throughout the year and in the evening too, with the vast range of modern outdoor lighting which is now available.  Whether you love to entertain and want to flood your garden with light, or just want some soft lighting to help you enjoy that glass of wine in the evening, our expert electricians will be able to advise on the most appropriate form of outdoor lighting to suit your specific needs.

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