• Kitchen Electrics

Kitchen Electrics

Looking forward to having that brand new kitchen installed? Whether you’re planning on doing some of the work yourself or leaving it to the professionals, it’s always best to have some idea of what is involved when having new kitchen electrics.

Don’t assume you can simply use the original electrics

The electrics in your kitchen may have been installed during a time when regulations and expectations weren’t as stringent or as high as they are today. It’s also worth remembering that they may have been in use for decades and are now considered dangerous. It’s always best to have your existing kitchen electrics checked before you go ahead with your new installation.

The kitchen really is the heart of the home and it’s important that the atmosphere within the room gives it a warm, cosy feel. Consider the type of kitchen lighting you’d like to have installed. Would you prefer spotlights or track lighting? Do you intend having under cupboard lighting to illuminate the counter whilst you’re cooking?

Turn your attention then to heating. Unless you’re planning to have a wood burning stove installed, a larger kitchen can be prone to cold spots and draughts. Wall space is likely to be taken up with units or appliances, so consider very carefully where you’ll need to put radiators. Many home owners choose to have the additional warmth which comes from underfloor heating.

Often an energy efficient way of warming the room, there are several types of underfloor heating. A professional electrician will be able to advise you on the most appropriate type for your needs.

Most kitchens are now equipped with all mod cons. Fitting dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge freezers should always be carried out by a qualified electrician not only to ensure your safety, but to ensure that you’ll get the best performance and lifespan from your appliances. Your electrician will also know how exactly to install appliances so that the wiring is very discrete.

Finally, your new kitchen is likely to demand high amounts of electricity, so it is vital that you seek the advice of an electrician, who will examine your current fuse board and forecast whether or not it will safely cope with the increased electrical demand on your household. If not, you will feel assured that your new fuse board installation has been carried out professionally and that it will manage that increased demand safely for years to come.

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