• Domestic Appliance Repair

Domestic Appliance Repair

It’s always the same – essential appliances somehow seem to break down just at the time you need them most.

Dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge freezers have all come to play an important role in our everyday life; so much so that we often don’t miss them until they fail.

Fixing kitchen appliances and other household appliances is part and parcel of being a qualified electrician, with call outs on a daily basis.  Often, it can be a simple case of replacing a part. However, with many appliances being relatively inexpensive to buy from new, it may be more cost effective to replace, rather than repair your machine.

A professional electrician will advise you honestly about the most cost effective option for you, ensuring that you’ll be up and running again in no time.  Whether you choose to have your machine fixed or have a brand new one installed, we have your best interests at heart and you’ll be delighted with our service.

We receive many calls from home owners who have tried to carry out a repair themselves – something which we strongly advise against doing.  Whilst at the outset it may seem like a simple and cheap solution, inevitably the person doing the DIY ends up making the problem even worse.  Often, the machine then lies around discarded and in pieces for several months, or the individual bites the bullet and simply goes to buy a new model.

How much time and potentially money could you save, by simply contacting a qualified electrician in the first place?

Think of how you could benefit from using the services of a prompt, reliable electrician, who will be able to assess and diagnose the problem before offering the best solution for you?  Someone who is able to begin work very quickly – and finish the job?  Our electricians will keep you informed at all stages of the repair or installation project, ensuring your machine is running again as quickly as possible, whilst causing you the minimum of disruption.

All our Bournemouth electricians are fully qualified and come with the highest of references.  Reliable and trustworthy, their main aim is to provide a high standard of work, delivered on time and to budget.  There are no hidden costs and no time delays; we work to your schedule, not just when we can fit you in.

For further free advice on our domestic repair service or to contact one of our registered and fully qualified electricians in Bournemouth, contact the Electrician Bournemouth team on 0845 0944 388 today.