• Bathroom Electrics

Bathroom Electrics

Next to the bedroom, your bathroom should be the most relaxing room in your home.  Warm, well lit with adjustable lighting and comfortable, it’s the place where you can unwind and let all the stresses of the day slowly fade away.

Whether you’re looking to modernise your bathroom or have a complete refit, it is essential that you seek professional advice from an electrician, who will advise you on all aspects of having a new bathroom installed.  From lighting and heating to fitting an electric shower and installing other bathroom fittings, you can relax in the knowledge that your new bathroom electrics have been installed professionally and safely.

The regular presence of water and steam in a room calls for significant skill and experience when it comes to installing a new bathroom.  It is illegal to attempt to install electrics in your bathroom, unless you are a qualified electrician.

Your electrician will consider aspects of safety including the maximum voltage levels permitted in specific areas of your bathroom and whether it would be more appropriate to have a string pull light in the room or a switch located on the wall outside the bathroom.

A full analysis of the current electrical installation in your bathroom should be made, before considering whether it needs to be completely rewired in order to safely accommodate your new fixtures and fittings.

It is of the utmost importance that all light fittings are protected from the humid atmosphere in your bathroom, so whether you choose to have one light, track lighting, spot lights or mirror lighting, a professional electrician will be able to fit your selection correctly and safely.

We always advise that the installation of an electric shower is carried out by a qualified electrician who will ensure not only that the shower is safely connected to a separate fused electrical supply circuit but that all wiring is neatly tucked away out of sight, as part of your overall bathroom renovation or fitting.

And to keep your bathroom fully ventilated and free from damp, an extractor fan, installed in the wall, ceiling or window is essential.  There are a number of models available, but remember that all wiring must comply with IEE regulations, with specific legislation concerning positioning, setting and cabling.

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